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Urban Law – Urban planning

Urban planning, as an art of building towns, has three major groups under its own definition: planning, development and discipline. Those three concepts compose a brunch derived from the Administrative Law which purpose is ruling towns giving priority to the social function of the land.  Planning is the classification and calification in (a) urban land (consolidated or not consolidated), (b) developable (programmed or not programmed) and rustic or not developable (with its different protections).

At J.L.CASAJUANA we have broad experience on General Plans, Special Plans, Partial Plans, Interior Renovation Plans, Detail Studies, Punctual Modifications, etc. We work both for public administrations and for companies or particulars who may submit allegations on the approved urban planning.

Regarding the development, we may collaborate on any of the acting systems (compensation, cooperation or expropriation), land reparcelling, Compensation Committee (Juntas de Compensación) or urban agents. And regarding discipline, we have on this field one of our main specialities.

Thus, urban sanctions, forced expropriations, licences (building, use, functioning, first occupation, etc), ruin situations, demolitions, urban legality protection, irregular situation legalisations, etc, are several of our daily subjects at our firm.

Should you have any query regarding Urban Planning, do not hesitate to contact us, there will be an expert lawyer on Urban Planning who will contact you shortly.

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