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Local Tax (Impuesto de la Plusvalía), Property Tax (IBI) and other taxes


We appeal taxes imposed by public administrations, local, regional or national taxes, before the administrative bodies and before administrative courts.

Our speciality, having the highest rates of won appeals, are the Tax on the Increase in Value of Land of an Urban Nature (known in Spanish as “Plusvalía”), Property Tax (known in Spanish as “IBI”) and other taxes such as garbage disposal tax or mandatory fords.

On a recurring basis, due to the great crisis Spain has gone through in the last few years, flats and houses have been sold for an inferior price compared to the previous purchase price, therefore there is no increase on the price but a decrease.

Besides that, Local Authorities, by changing the cadastral price of the land, impose a settlement of the tax on its favour. However Courts are beginning to declare illegal such behaviour.

Same is happening regarding Property Tax (known in Spanish as “IBI”) pending at the purchase date and garbage disposal tax for garages and premises without activity.

Our firm does not promote tax evasion but we do demand legality on tax settlements.

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