Public Servants

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Legal defence to Public Servants

Funcionarios Públicos

We may solve any conflict between public administration and its workers, either public officials, interim, workers (temporary or permanent), casual workers or directors.

Relations linking people with public companies, especially with the administration, may cause problems or discrepancies such as sanctioning files, wages suspension or decrease, dismissals, disagreements on complements (particular, destiny, productivity, displacements, hazard, shifts, etc.), trienniums, internal promotion, displacements, destination changes, places swaps, mobbing, etc.

We are expert lawyers on Administrative Law, solving any type of issue, either the worker is ruled by the Worker’s Statute (Estatuto de los Trabajadores), or by the Public Servant’s Statute (Estatuto Básico del Empleado Público).

Our assistance extends to personnel selection: competitions, public tenders and competitions; for all kind of personnel, sanitary, education and State security forces in particular; and staff depending of Town halls, Regional governments and central administration. In addition, we deal with unpaid leave in all its forms: voluntary for private purposes, family grouping, relative’s care and gender violence, provision of services in public sector, promoted leave and forced leave.

For any doubt or question, either you are a Public Administration or Public Servant, you may leave your query to be answered by an expert Lawyer in Administrative Law who will respond with no commitment.

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