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Real Estate Law, as a field of Administrative Law

Derecho inmobiliario

Real Estate Law, belonging to the Administrative Law, is linked to the Civil Law, jurisdiction in which we also count with true experts.

Building certifications, planning, works reception, guarantees recovery, Compensation Committee, cooperatives, cooperative members, latent defects claims and construction defects, new construction repairs, decennial insurances, sale and purchase contracts or lease contracts, are some of the fields in which we are specialist.

Furthermore, our permanent contact with architectural studios and real estate companies, make us being updated to offer effective solutions to cover all building issues, from planning to sales and further claims.

All that under the administrative perspective, Real Estate Law and Civil Law, as well as everything related to property, owners’ meetings; disturbing, unhealthy and hazard activities; non agreed works and repairs, challenging of owner’s agreements, etc.

Always under the direction of an expert lawyer in Real Estate Law with the expertise of belonging to a firm founded in 1976 who has participated in national and international relevant real estate operations and projects.

Should you have any inquiry regarding Real Estate Law, please do not hesitate to contact us; an expert lawyer will answer shortly

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