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Administrative Law Attorneys

We are Lawyers specialists on Administrative Law

Public employees

We solve any conflict between public administrations and its employees, either they are public servants, interims, employees (permanent or temporary) or directors.

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We all have the right to enjoy an adequate Environment and the duty to conserve it. Public Administrations shall rule a rational use of its sources and shall sanction whoever violates environmental regulation.

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Our expert Department on Administrative Law appeals all kind of sanctions imposed by the Administration, no matter what office comes it from, at any stage of the procedure.

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Our speciality, having the highest rates of won appeals, are the Tax on the Increase in Value of Land of an Urban Nature (known in Spanish as “Plusvalía”), Property Tax (known in Spanish as “IBI”) and other taxes such as garbage disposal tax or mandatory fords.

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Urban Law

Urban Law is divided into three main fields: planning, development and discipline. These three concepts compose this brunch of the Administrative Law which purpose is ruling towns giving priority to the social function of the land.

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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law, belonging to the Administrative Law, is linked to the Civil Law, jurisdiction in which we also count with true experts.

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Our customers are individuals and public and private entities, that require close and highly qualified advice. In Administrative Law Attorneys, we work for different city councils, associations and other public companies as well as for companies and individuals on disputes they may have against the administration.

Public employees
Real Estate cases
Urbanism cases

About Administrative Law Attorneys

At J.L.CASAJUANA, our main principles are based on a deep analysis of Law, quality on the professional work and relations with clients, innovation capacity, honesty, respect of ethic and deontological rules. In short, the pursuit of excellence at every level of our professional activity.

Committed with a working policy orientated to the prevention of conflicts and the maintenance of high quality standards, our expert lawyers on Administrative Law guarantee a real exposition of legal expectations before initiating any action, in addition to a determined defence of your interests, both on extra judicial negotiations and before Court or Arbitration tribunals if necessary.

On, Julio Castelao Simón director of our department of Administrative Law, above everything, it stands out his vocation and qualification, his experience and implication.

Our clients are individuals, companies and public or private entities; that need close and highly qualified advice. We work for several City Councils, associations and other public companies, as well as for companies and individuals on disputes against the administration.

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    He tenido varios temas que me han llevado y siempre se portaron como auténticos profesionales. Son mis abogados de toda la vida
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